AdventHealth - A New Website For YOU
Our network has always been unified when it comes to your health care, but now we’ll be visually unified, too.
You’ll see our new logo as a symbol of wholeness, an icon of growth and a spectrum of vibrant color that illustrates
the breadth and diversity of our connected system of care.

You’ll also see our new systemwide web presence at www.AdventHealth.com, which has been a remarkable
transformation as we bring our network’s consumer-centric health care to you.

Throughout the development of this new website, we’ve made every effort to put you first, making access to your
medical providers and care seamless both in-person and online. We’ve made information easier to navigate and
understand; we’ve made contacting us as easy as one click; we’ve integrated our system so that you can conveniently
connect to any of our 5,000 medical experts and 80,000 healing hands around the country; and we’ve developed eCare,
connecting you with our experts for urgent care from the comfort of anywhere.

But most importantly, we’ve prioritized information and resources to help you to always feel connected to us, your
lifelong partner in whole health. Join us in celebrating as we announce the new AdventHealth.com.

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