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June 1, 2018  |  Frank Diaz

When I lived in Chicago, there was an old joke that there are just two seasons: construction and winter. Floridians are well aware of two more seasons: tourist and hurricane. June 1st marks the six-month window where hurricanes are most likely to develop in the Atlantic Basin (The Atlantic Ocean, The Gulf of Mexico and The Caribbean Sea). It is 2018 and already we have seen the devastating effects Tropical Storm Alberto has wrought. With rising water temperatures and climate change, we can expect the annual ritual of “hunkering down” and stocking up on gallons of bottled water to increase in frequency. While most importantly we do what we can in order to protect our families, the next most critical item on the hierarchy of needs is how to protect your business.

 Last season Florida businesses sustained power outages long after Category 5 storm, Hurricane Irma, barreled through the state. For those not prepared that meant NO ACCESS to e-mail, NO ACCESS to important documents which translated to NO business and a direct hit to the bottom line. 

Cloud technology is maturing and will help your business sustain itself during...


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