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About the Chamber

Letter From the President

One of the things I love so much about the Southeast Volusia Chamber of Commerce is the passion of our members and our strong sense of community.

As all of our members know, the Southeast Volusia Chamber is “the largest voice of the business community in Southeast Volusia County.” So, I want to take a moment to reflect on that voice and how all-encompassing it is.

Geographically, that voice represents businesses in three distinct cities:
- In New Smyrna Beach we have businesses all over the place; east on Flagler Ave and throughout beachside, West past I-95 and throughout Venetian bay, and of course right outside the chamber doors through the historic Canal Street district, and up and down US1.

- Our voice includes Edgewater businesses from the dozens of home-based businesses throughout the town to some of the best boat builders in the world.
- And even further south, that voice includes many businesses in Oak Hill which not only is at the doorstep of the world famous mosquito lagoon, but also is our gateway to Cape Canaveral, the global leader of space exploration.

That voice includes business of all sizes. We represent dozens of very small businesses, who are just one employee or a small family. And then we also have many businesses that are among the largest employers in Volusia County with over 1000 employees.

Additionally, we have businesses of every age possible. We have members who are opening their doors for the first time with a ribbon cutting this month and then we also have businesses who have been serving this community for almost 100 years.

As I think about the diversity and the constant of the passion within our Chamber, it is not a surprise to see how connected we all are. So many of us not only work here in this community, but our kids go to the schools here, on weekends many of us explore and fish on the intracoastal waterway, we surf the waves and walk the beaches, we shop at the stores around our towns and we all do business with one another regularly. We are each others’ customers, clients, patients, neighbors and also friends.

So in 2020, I encourage each of our community members to think about your contribution to the Voice of the Southeast Volusia Chamber of Commerce and Speak Up.



Bryan Tudeen

Bryan Tudeen Southeast Volusia Chamber of Commerce President

Our Mission



Our History

The Chamber was firmly established by 1926 with over 2,000 members, but it wasn't until 1932 that the first official charter was adopted. In 1933 construction of a chamber building began using federal funds and in 1934 the new Chamber of Commerce opened.

Throughout the ensuing years, many of the ideas that resulted in progressive milestones for Southeast Volusia originated within the Chamber. The Chamber championed projects such as laying the foundation for better road systems, a stabilized inlet, new and improved bridges, river dredging, a new hospital and golf course for our area.

The Chamber has continued to be the catalyst for community expansion, and has supported many causes to enhance economic growth. Recently, the Chamber petitioned the County Council to reform County Impact Fees related to new business construction, and has promoted referendums in area cities to grant ad valorem (property) tax exemptions to encourage investment in new and expanding businesses.

The Chamber's first official charter in 1932 stated its mission as "promotion of civic, economic, and social welfare of the people of New Smyrna and vicinity..." Half a century later, the Chamber is proud to honor that promise.

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