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About the Chamber

Letter From the President

As we embark on 2019, myself, the Executive Vice President, the staff and the Board of Directors would like to remind each of us of our mission statement which, is to:

"Promote Business and Economic Development for the communities it serves to the benefit of its members.”

We are here working diligently for our businesses, our cities and each of you, our members. Not just for today or this year but to help build a better future for the cities that we serve.

Looking at the future, my focus for 2019 will highlight the following areas; environmental, tomorrows leaders and keeping you, our members informed.

Krissy Chalk
  • To date, more than 30 restaurants and hotels have identified measures to reduce their single use plastic foot print and we will continue to expand this footprint throughout our communities.
  • We also recognize the need to continue to develop our next generation of future leaders in business and civic responsibility and this is happening through our NextGen group of 40 and under professionals. They have already developed forward thinking initiatives that we look forward to sharing in the upcoming months!
  • We also know, given the changes in our area, that education on how decisions impact our communities is critical.  We are the front door to our cities and the information source for our members and our communities. Our ‘Lunch and Learn’ events will continue to be an information providing event for our members as issues arise within our communities. We are the ‘Go To’ resource for the business community and our various platforms (emails, social media, website) will keep you accurately informed.


As the president of the chamber, I believe that the Chamber is most successful when we actively engage in the many committees and activities that are held each month. If you haven’t had the opportunity to join in, I encourage you to.  After all, what you put in to the chamber is what you will get out of the chamber.

Thank you each for allowing me to serve our businesses, cities and most importantly you, our members.



Krissy Chalk


P.S. I look forward to seeing each of you on Canal Street for our Home Show and Business Expo on Saturday, January 19th!

Our Mission



Our History

The Chamber was firmly established by 1926 with over 2,000 members, but it wasn't until 1932 that the first official charter was adopted. In 1933 construction of a chamber building began using federal funds and in 1934 the new Chamber of Commerce opened.

Throughout the ensuing years, many of the ideas that resulted in progressive milestones for Southeast Volusia originated within the Chamber. The Chamber championed projects such as laying the foundation for better road systems, a stabilized inlet, new and improved bridges, river dredging, a new hospital and golf course for our area.

The Chamber has continued to be the catalyst for community expansion, and has supported many causes to enhance economic growth. Recently, the Chamber petitioned the County Council to reform County Impact Fees related to new business construction, and has promoted referendums in area cities to grant ad valorem (property) tax exemptions to encourage investment in new and expanding businesses.

The Chamber's first official charter in 1932 stated its mission as "promotion of civic, economic, and social welfare of the people of New Smyrna and vicinity..." Half a century later, the Chamber is proud to honor that promise.

Thank you to our Corporate Sponsors: