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Membership Benefits

Six Business Priority Reasons to Join the Southeast Volusia Chamber of Commerce:

  1. Power: Your name and Your business adds to the power of our work on issues facing every business in Southeast Volusia.  It is critical that every business belongs to show a united front as we represent the drivers of all tax dollars…. business. The Southeast Volusia  Chamber of Commerce is in the front row representing the interests of business at city, county, state and federal meetings when issues impacting business are on the line. Your name and your business multiplies our influence.
  2. Empowerment: If knowledge is power, the Southeast Volusia Chamber of Commerce empowers every member with data, constant updates of business news including who’s who, who’s new, who’s growing, plus event calendars for marketing, business seminars to improve performance, business articles to continually educate our members, business leadership training for future growth. In reality, most members don’t join the chamber as much as they have the chamber join them.
  3. Economic Empowerment: Jobs mean customers to members of the Southeast Volusia  Chamber of Commerce. Since 2010 over 1600 new jobs have been added in the Southeast Volusia  market as a result of our Chamber’s relentless support of job growth which means customer growth for our members. If one new customer pays for membership, every other new customer multiplies the return on investment into perpetuity.
  4. Marketing Empowerment: First, failing businesses don’t join chambers of commerce. The businesses that join are successful which means they want more success. Emerging businesses join chambers because they want access to successful customers. By joining, Chamber members prove they have money to spend and are willing to spend it for the best products and services. Dollar for dollar, we are the best marketing strategy for any business. Who wouldn’t want access to this niche market of progressive businesses with spendable income?
  5. Networking Empowerment: The fifth reason, not the first reason to join. People do business with people they know. There is no better business vehicle to introduce and connect you and/or your sales team members to our ideal demographic of pre-qualified prospects. The majority of our members understand that NETworking is one letter away from NOTworking. They utilize their chamber membership as their #1 tool to create these connections.
  6. The First Rule in Business: You get what you give. Many members volunteer in a variety of ways to prove (market) their credibility and potential value as someone to do business with. Many volunteers ultimately move up and provide leadership to keep the Chamber the most powerful business support system available to you. Altruistically, it’s the right thing to do when you belong to a business community.

Membership Bonuses

Networking is a BONUS OF MEMBERSHIP!
Business After Hours is a BONUS OF MEMBERSHIP!
Luncheons are a BONUS OF MEMBERSHIP!
Breakfast Clubs are a BONUS OF MEMBERSHIP!
Directories are a BONUS OF MEMBERSHIP!

Business Expos are a BONUS OF MEMBERSHIP!
Golf Tournaments are a BONUS OF MEMBERSHIP!
Ribbon Cuttings are a BONUS OF MEMBERSHIP!
Stickers & Decals are a BONUS OF MEMBERSHIP!
Annual Banquets are a BONUS OF MEMBERSHIP!
Special Events are a BONUS OF MEMBERSHIP!

Remember these three things the Southeast Volusia Chamber of Commerce does for our communities:


Being the 24/7 Information/Data Center. We are the Front Door to the community and the information source for our  members.


The reason we exist is to be the voice of business. To work on issues that impact your cash registers. If just one issue impacts a business positively by 1% of your budget, your  membership is repaid. The more issues we address, the more repayment you receive.


We are the home of qualified and captured audiences.

The Southeast Volusia Chamber of Commerce is the:

Catalyst for business growth

Convener of leaders and influencers


Champion for thriving communities

Chamber promotions dollar for dollar compared to any other marketing source are the best a business can buy.

There are many benefits that provide a big return on your investment of over $1,000 per year such as educational seminars throughout the year; member-to-member discounts, business card and brochure distribution, special member pricing for chamber events; access to membership lists and labels for promotional mailings; business referral service, a membership plaque and window decals to display in your business.

Thank you to our Corporate Sponsors: